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I’m Timo Bontenbal, a Helsinki-based digital designer. My passions are design, animation, and web development. I enjoy solving problems and helping to make things understandable, easily usable, and look pretty.


My design philosophy is to help you find the best tool or design for what you need. It should be easy to use and understand. The end product should be simple and straightforward for the end user.


In my work, I like using modern but battle-tested technologies that help make development easier. I also enjoy creating interactive experiences and specialized websites is at the center of my expertise.

As a designer, I first and foremost listen to your needs, and then we together decide what would work best for you. Instead of sending 100-page pdfs on how to update your site, I will create usable solutions that are easy to maintain and update.


Motion is really important in modern digital design and essential to making the most out of digital platforms. You can bring so much more to a design with motion. Motion can for example make a difficult concept easier to understand. All the major digital platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok) support motion, and users engage much more with moving content. This is also why you and your company should consider what motion can do for you!

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Image of me Timo Bontenbal

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